Shopping FAQ

*Contacting us


If you do not get a response from us within 24 hours of emailing us during the week check your spam filter to see if our replies are being blocked.  Also, we do NOT fill out the email verifications or click on links within emails.  If you have an email verification system please note that the emails as well as newsletters we send you are coming back to us.  You can fix this by adding to your address book so our emails are not noted as spam.

*I can not get my COUPON CODE  to work.

When using coupons make sure you meet all of the requirements before you check out such as:

1)  If there is an order minimum, make sure you have that amount in your cart not including the freebie.

2)  Add the correct free item to your cart.

3)  When you put the coupon code in and click REDEEM CODE it submits the coupon but on the next screen you will need to choose your payment method again.   You will see that the code worked on the next screen.

*Wholesale Accounts

If you are already a customer at mineralmakeupwholesale we will allow you to stay wholesale with us without a tax id.  You will have to create a new account here and then email us to advise us to change your account  to wholesale.  You won’t be able to see the wholesale products or pricing unless you are logged in to your wholesale account.

 * Should I subscribe to your newsletter?

Please follow us on twitter.  We will be using twitter for all announcements and specials instead of newsletters.

This is the way we can let all of our customers know about changes to the website, new products. discontinued products, sales and other important information pertaining to your account.

* How to place a dropship order?

Our dropship program is very easy to use.  Just add the items to your cart that your customer has ordered from you.  In the SHIP TO part of the order you will need to place your customers name and address.  Your  address will be the return address on the postage label.  Type the word DROPSHIP in the comment section.  We do NOT put invoices in dropship orders, so all your customer sees is the items they have ordered sent from you.  We can not dropship to addresses outside the United States.  We CAN dropship to an address within the United States for an international customer.

* Can I change the color names to my personal names?
We can NOT change the color names from what we have listed on our site to dropship.  Our products are packaged, labeled and stocked in our store ready to ship out to our customers.  If you want to have your own color names we suggest using  our wholesale site.  There you will find all materials needed to buy in bulk to package for yourself so you can add you own color names and private label.

* Can I have my personal logo label added to my dropship orders?
You can have a personal logo label added to your products.  All you need to do is send us your  PRE-PRINTED logo labels.  They will need to be at least a  1-inch round label for 5 gram jars and  a 1.67 for 30 gram jar labels.  You do not have to send both sizes b/c the 1 inch will fit all size jars.  It just depends on your preference.  NO other label can be added other than  the logo label.  When adding a personal logo label you will need to put in the comment section ADD MY LABEL/ “and the name of  the logo on the label”.  Be sure to add that to your comments otherwise it will be sent without the logo label.–THIS SERVICE IS FREE.

*How long does it take to receive my order once I have paid?
Orders are usually sent out same day or next ( Monday-Friday).  On large bulk orders please allow 5-7 week days for the order to process in full.  We ship first class, priority, and UPS–depending on size and weight of the order.

* Are all items available when I am ready to order?
All items are available and ready to ship unless you see “OUT OF STOCK”.

* Is there a minimum order?
There are absolutely no minimum orders.

* How will I know when new products are added?
Be sure to sign up to receive our newsletters–We send only useful information from our site.  Through newsletters we will be able to let you know about important changes or issues, SALES, out of stock products,  new colors, and new products. Be sure to check your account information to see if you are subscribed to receive the newsletters.  If you are subscribed to receive them check your spam settings to make sure you can get our emails.

*Can I use your pictures?
We do not have the rights to grant permission to anyone to use the pictures so we can’t let you have the pictures on our site but we do offer two CD’s with photos of our makeup.

* How will I know if my order has been shipped?
you will receive an email that lets you know that your order has been shipped.

*Can I sell the Coconut Bay Cosmetics Brand?

You may sell the Coconut Bay Cosmetics Brand if you buy the product packaged in jars by us just as you would any other brand of makeup such as MAC, Clinique, Bare Minerals, or Lancome.  You may NOT place a Coconut Bay Cosmetics brand label on a jar of product that we have not packaged.  You may, however, state that you are a reseller and buy Coconut Bay Cosmetics in bulk and repackage it yourself.

*I placed my order yesterday and a sale started today.  Can you apply the sale price to my order?

No.  Sales are not retroactive.  Sales start after the newsletter containing the sale has been sent to you unless otherwise noted in the newsletter.