Mineral Veil/Color Corrector





Our Mineral Veil / Color Corrector is used under your foundation or as a finishing powder over your foundation It adds a smooth, matte look and aids in oil absorption as well.

Mineral veils are known for their photogenic qualities. They disperse light in a way that can minimize flaws and wrinkles.

Tan Veil / Color Corrector is lightly tinted.

Pink veil / Color Corrector adds a slight touch of warmth to your complexion.

Yellow veil / Color Corrector covers red areas.

Translucent veil doesn’t alter your foundation color while still giving you the beautiful look every woman wants. This is our most popular shade.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz

Translucent, Yellow, Tan, Pink


10 gm Jar $7.98, 10 gm Jar/no label $7.98, 3 gm jar $4.99, 3 gm jar/no label $4.99, 10 gm refill bag $4.25, 10 gm refill bag/no label $4.25, 1 oz bag $9.50, 1/2 lb bag $65.00, 1 lb bag $98.00


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