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As your skin is dehydrated, it will begin to trap those dead skin cells and the chemical junk leftover in makeups and other skin care products into your pores. But then again, a majority of the natural skin care products tend to contain coconut oil, which is rather comedogenic. And this basically leaves me wondering now. But anyway let’s talk about which specific chemicals and comedogenic ingredients are the ones to be definitely avoided in your makeup products, and why.

First thing first, shall we talk about a few key terms before we move forward? That will help us in understanding what do the chemical ingredients we’ve listed do to your skin. Skin dehydration is a basic process of when your skin is healthy, it will get rid of  dead skin cells up and out through the skin pores (in other words, it exfoliates itself and regenerates the new skin).

Still, there’s a whole multitude of chemical products that will dehydrate your skin!

Clogged Pores, Sensitive Red Skin, Rosacea are all the telling signs that your skin health suffers from an extreme sensitivity. The chemicals included in it, can act to heighten an increase in skin’s sensitivity, as well as it can thin your skin and remove the protective barrier. This means that the skin and pores become too responsive towards what you’re applying on it. If that’s true, the skin will be responding actively to even the slightest external stimulation… That kind of reaction starts sending more blood flow to the area, making your face red and blotchy, resulting in some bright long lasting hyper-pigmentation marks, increased acne, etc.